But Whyyyy Is Deep Apparel Different?

Posted on May 6, 2017

As we inch closer and closer to DEEP Apparel’s fifth year as a company we can’t help but be excited about the development of our line and our direction going forward.

As you can imagine providing something unique to the outdoors clothing market is a challenge but…we’re up to it and we accomplish it daily.

So.. In this phase of growth we get hit with a battering of questions about who we are?

Why are we different?

Why do we think we’ll be the ones standing as brands come and go?

Never have we been more confident in answering those questions.. See below

1.) Who are we?

A company who’s ownership is composed of serious hunters and fisherman who love the chase but appreciate the socializing, friendships, and travels that our passions come with.

Our goal with Deep Apparel was to make functional and comfortable clothing to wear in the elements while maintaining a clean and “cool” look you would also want to wear out at night.

2.) Why are we different?

Because somewhere along the lines this VERY fundamentally cool and fun industry has gotten out of touch with the rest of the world’s trends.


I’m not entirely sure but I think the industry as whole has been dominated by a limited amount of companies, therefore stymying competition and squashing innovation.

We are a contemporary brand that’s in touch with young and new while respecting the conservative bedrock this industry is built off. Which is why we see 60 and 16 year olds enjoying our products.

Key word “enjoying”.. Not forced to wear because of a lack of options.

3) Why do you think you’ll be standing in the end?

We’re at the tip of the ice berg as far as product.

Going forward you’ll be seeing more and more performance items coming your way that you can wear out at the football tailgate or neck deep in the woods.

We call it our Boat TO Bar concept– because why can’t we have something that we can wear for both?

We look forward to explaining the answer to this question in the upcoming years.

Keep your head on a swivel! We’re coming for ya. Thank you for reading and your support.

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