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Boat TO> Bar

noun | #LiveYourObsession

The clothes you need to make a smooth transition from any outdoor recreation to leisure without ever having to change what you’re wearing.  

It’s an idea with origins in our two favorite pastimes: Being outside and the pure moments with friends to celebrate a long day on the water or in the woods. We looked around and couldn’t find a brand in the outdoor sports apparel market that captured this essence. It needed to provide the technical features that could withstand nature’s elements while retaining luxe materials and a timeless look to transition comfortably into the evening.

Through DEEP Apparel, we’re creating something special. Inspired by the fit and style of the surf and skate retail world, anchored in the technical aspects of the outdoor apparel market, and compelled to design clothes that bring comfort in the elements and at the bar. After years of experimenting, we’ve stumbled on something you can wear that’s clean, timeless, and never showy.

We’re a community of hunters, big-game fishermen, and board-sports enthusiasts. #LiveYourObsession has become our mantra. Our clothing will always aim to serve that.

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