Our Story

About Us

We represent a culture of fishing and outdoor enthusiasts who celebrate life both on the boat and off. Our apparel can make a smooth transition from outdoor activity to unwinding on a bar stool without skipping a beat.

We began DEEP because these were products we wanted for ourselves. We wanted a line of clothing that would suit our lifestyle, but we quickly discovered that many people shared our desire.

Our Journey So Far

2010 - We’re Born

Product of the Ocean State! R and D in tournament/commercial tuna fishing, but specialized in Boat To Bar: Comfortable clothing for the elements but also fitting for dinner and drinks after.

2010 to 2016 - Trial By Fire

This is us trying figuring out how to sell apparel. Focus on good customer service and remember what a good captain once said, "Nobody wants to look like a Mahi Mahi...".

2017 - Living Proof

#LiveYourObsession If our clothing stood up to the rigors of a three day canyon trip, wasn’t it good enough for any of the other hobbies we tackle in the North East?

2018 to 2019 - Renaissance Men

Multiple jobs, very little sleep, minor health issues. Still figuring this thing out.

2020 - 1/4 Breakthrough!

A full company push to eco conscious products, banning of single use plastic bags and an epic collaboration with Kenny Chesney's No Shoes Reefs foundation!

2020 - 1/2 The Problem

Did we fit the mold of an environmental advocate? We drive pick-up trucks, turn a good country tune, love our veterans, and spend days on end in tree stands and staring out the back of the cockpit. Could we be this AND that?

2020 - Our Solution

Through our perspective we're bucking the stigma that caring for the environment is just for the “eco-warrior”. You can be a bad ass outdoorsman/woman and still care about this. Just wearing your recycled sun tee and eating sustainable food are easy and great starts.

2021 and Beyond - DEEP Legacy

Live your obsession, have fun, but give a shit and leave it better than you found it.

Boat essentials on the dock
Hauling in a big catch.
Snowboarding with some friends.