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Free Cheap A*S Trucker Hat
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The Deep Crew

2010 - We’re Born

Product of the Ocean State! R and D in tournament/commercial tuna fishing, but specialized in Boat To Bar: Comfortable clothing for the elements but also fitting for dinner and drinks after.

2010 to 2016 - Trial By Fire

This is us trying figuring out how to sell apparel.

Focus on good customer service and remember what a good captain once said, "Nobody wants to look like a Mahi Mahi...".

2017 - Living Proof

#LiveYourObsession If our clothing stood up to the rigors of a three day canyon trip, wasn’t it good enough for any of the other hobbies we tackle in the North East?

2018 to 2019 - Renaissance Men

Multiple jobs, very little sleep, minor health issues. Still figuring this thing out.

2020 - 1/4 Breakthrough!

A full company push to eco conscious products, banning of single use plastic bags and an epic collaboration with Kenny Chesney's No Shoes Reefs foundation!

2020 - 1/2 The Problem

Did we fit the mold of an environmental advocate? We drive pick-up trucks, turn a good country tune, love our veterans, and spend days on end in tree stands and staring out the back of the cockpit. Could we be this AND that?

2021 - Our Solution

Through our perspective we're bucking the stigma that caring for the environment is just for the “eco-warrior”. You can be a bad ass outdoorsman/woman and still care about this. Just wearing your recycled sun tee and eating sustainable food are easy and great starts.

2021 and Beyond - DEEP Legacy

Live your obsession, have fun, but give a shit and leave it better than you found it.

“When I was 10 years old I sat next to my dad at as we went through a drive thru. In front of us someone threw a bag of garbage out of their passenger side window onto the ground. I unbuckled my seat belt, got out of the car and threw their garbage back onto the persons lap. I guess you could say my stance on a clean environment started there.”
- Matt

“So whether it was me 100 miles offshore stopping the boat to corral birthday balloons floating past me or Mike pulling litter from the bottom of someone else’s tree stand. We knew, left or right or indifferent, if we were to harvest from nature we needed to leave it better than we found it.”
- Matt

“Littering was just never an option in my family growing up. You make a mess, you clean it. But I never knew how much waste was being produced until we began growing as a company. The banning of single use plastic bags, I knew, was the start of many company changes we could make.”
- Mike

“Wanted to make it easy to contribute to a good cause”
- Mike