Best Things to Fish For as Fall Approaches (20% OFF Code)

Posted on Sep 9, 2017

So like most of you we blinked and the seasons changed.
Summer’s transition to Fall is already upon us… it’s all good though!

As someone whose grown up in the the North East I’ve never associated the changing of seasons as a bad thing. In fact I associate it with some of the best fishing the region has to offer throughout the entire year. All species from menhaden, bass, false albacore and tautog begin the annual process of tightening into groups and fattening before their migrations. Typically this results in epic surface blitzes and really productive and consolidated feeds that often last throughout the daylight hours.

If you’re chasing bigger offshore species the same thing occurs except on a much larger scale. As water temps drop eddies become sharper and more defined resulting tightly balled schools of bait that are honing beacons for pelagics. Similar to the inshore feeds that occur among striped bass and false albacore the tuna bite can be equally as voracious as they switch from hitting trolled to chunked baits. So with that said what are the top few things you like to fish for this fall? Here are a few of ours

#1. False Albacore

Bays and estuaries are dumping feed back out into the ocean making inlets and jetties highways for these speedsters.

Whether its by fly, spin or even chunking for this pint sized tuna they pack a serious punch. You’ll find them hammering bay anchovies and peanut bunker with their signature bullet like smashing of the bait balls.

Also keep an eye out for small white terns that are the only birds swift enough to keep up with them. If you’re chasing them with the fly rod stick with any fly that replicates small bait in the two inch range.

For casting use deadly dicks and hogy epoxy jigs. For an easier release of the fish be sure to swap out all treble hooks for heavier single hooks.  Stick with 10-15lb flouro-carbon leader and you’re in business.

Check out video of us tackling these guys on a fly rod and on a stand up paddle board!

#2. Tautog

Outside of offshore fishing black fish are what I look forward to most during the season.

Starting in mid October the water temps drop signifying a migration towards deeper waters- for most fish anyway. Tautog hang around shallow rock piles early in the season and are the last occupants to leave.

Anchoring up on rock piles in that 35-40 ft realm with a bucket of green, white or fiddler crabs will yield some incredible light tackle action. Don’t be caught unaware as 10lb Tog can take drag like a 30lb bass! 40-60lb leader attached single or even double 4/0 J hooks will get the job done.

Here is a great video that walks through the ins and outs of Black-fishing.

#3. Blue-fin

Just like false albacore and how they corral bait inshore, their older much bigger cousins do it on a grander scale.

Blue-fin in the 50-100″ range hammer droves of herring and mackerel throughout the cape, east of Chatham, around p-town into stellwagen bank and all the way into the gulf of Maine.

Often times they stay well into December and January with some experts believing they actually can and do reside here all year long. This provides us with a GREAT late season opportunity to bend those big rods and hear some screaming reels.

Whether you’re jigging for them, trolling or bait fishing on the ball they’re an experience unlike anything else.

Watch the video below, jigging the cape.

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