Why Our Waterproof Roll Top Bag Is Better Than All the Rest

Posted on Dec 28, 2017

So much to our surprise, our widely anticipated shipment of Waterproof Roll Top Bags have arrived and they are SICK.

For those of you who are wondering why these bags are superior to your standard back pack allow me to give you my personal testimony.

Back in my day of playing lacrosse for the Boston Cannons, of the MLL , I had to fly a lot and frequently never checked my luggage (except for gear) but rather took all my clothes in one big carry on bag.

In almost every instance I used a roll top water proof bag made by OHO Outfitters (I still have the bag.)


Why did I love this bag?

  • 1) My stuff NEVER got wet
  • 2) Durable- you could stuff the bag to the gills or you could collapse it to look like a little back pack. You could size it to the volume of your luggage.
  • 3) It never looked dirty know matter much it rolled around on the luggage belt
  • 4) Literally, every player I walked next to asked me where I got the bag because it not only was very practical for the “one back pack” type of guy, but also it LOOKED awesome!

Now here we are 6 years later and we are making our own dry bags. Except in this building process we consulted the materials and integrity of previous bags (like my trusty bag from my playing days) and made it 1000% better.


Deep’s Waterproof Roll Top Bag:

  1. We improved the zippers. They are 100% water proof with rubber welded seams making it perfect to stash the keys, wallet or pack of gum. This is where a lot of bags have under performed.
  2. Reinforced clips that are sturdy and hold up under duress. The bag is meant to be STUFFED and loaded heavy so having faulty clips would not do.
  3. Inside storage for laptops, iPads and other accessories.
  4. Breathable mesh back lining that prevents all that nasty back sweat when walking around with your bag.

In short you need to have a rubber top bag at the very least for medical purposes, which are commonly called, “ditch packs” to keep your most essential survival and medical supplies in here at all times so nothing gets…..drum roll…… wet.


So, if you don’t decide to go with ours please understand the survival implications of having a bag like this.

However… at $129.99 there is no better gift to get someone. Everyone can find a use for a water proof bag from the novice to the most skilled outdoorsman.

Whatever your choice you can be completely sure that this bag went through a rigorous testing process and you will be happy with the product!

You can purchase your Waterproof Roll Top Bag, here.

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