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I never received my order

I absolutely love it, great quality and looks amazing. However it runs small and I couldn’t fit.

Never received shirt

Never received shirt

Outstanding tees

Great tees!!!!



This is a perfect weight for me. It keeps me warm and not too hot.

Striper Cotton Long Sleeve Tee

Never received these

Zero! Stitching at shoulder opened on the first wash!

Swordie Cotton Long Sleeve

Fits great ! Looks great ! Totally satisfied with my purchase.

Swordie Cotton Long Sleeve


Swordie Hoodie

Fits great and looks nice . Keep up the good work !

Deep Poor

I think I have just about all the heavy weight hoodies you have to offer. I try to fish two or three times a week and when it’s cold that’s one of the first things I grab.A thermal long sleeve tee shirt and the hoodie and I’m good in thirty degree weather.The fit is good quality good and money well spent.I also have some medium weight hoodies and a few tee shirts.Love your product and my wife is about as bad as me about our hoodies.Don’t touch the hoodies are you might draw back a nub.Can’t wait to see what new stuff you have coming.

Still waiting

Yes I sent a review on the 3x call of the deep hoodie.Still waiting for response

Try again

The hoddie I’m trying to get straight is (Call of the deep)I received a message saying I owed $56.00 so my order can be shipped out. I had it in my cart (3xcall of the deep). It was showing a3x for $80.00 and a small for $56.00 .I always pay for my purchases with my credit card so wondering why it didn’t pick up both hoodies.And your site shows the mid weight hoodie for $65.00 I was charged $80.00 and had the small listed for $56.00 .So I need to get the over charge straight and take the small out of my cart and send me the (call from the deep in a 3x) . I love your clothes and just made a large purchase if you will look I have purchased right much in the last few months.But I do want the 3x (call of the deep) so please help [****] or [****]. Maybe send the 3x for $56.00 for my time and trouble.Thanks again love your product

Fog Cutter
Wallace Williams
Still confused

I had sent a message about the hoodie mix up .It’s the hoodie ( From the sea in a 3x) not the charcoal what ever.Help me get it straight 919-738 -5246 or [****].


I received a message saying I owed $56.00 on my order so they could ship my order out. I had a 3x mid weight hoodie from the sea in my cart.But also showed the same hoodie in a small for $56.00 and the 3x for $80.00 on your site the 3x is listed for 65.00 .So I was over charged for the 3x I am interested in the hoodie but need to take the small off my cart and refund me the over charge on the 3x or let me have it for $56.00 since it’s not my mistake .Had some more items in another cart and was wondering why there were two carts and why my card didn’t pick up both items from the sea .Because I don’t remember ordering them.I did purchase what I had in my other cart.Please help me get it straight I do want the 3x from the sea .so contact me [****] or [****]

Classic Fins Tee

Love it!

Anchor Tee

Love it!